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Why Walterre?

Holiday spent exclusively with family and friends becomes the souvenir of a lifetime. The pure and pristine atmosphere attracts many gorgeous Himalayan birds. Even the nearly extinct ‘Nepal Wren Babbler’ made its first appearance in India in this garden. Deep blue sky, sweet bird songs, Beautiful butterflies and different strokes in the flowers are some of the many shades of nature you can easily observe while sipping tea in the open garden. The Doon River flowing near the resort is a terrific spot for photography. Get a chance to discover Kumaon’s culinary art.

At the Lodge

Those who love nature and birds, Walterre Resort could be an unwinding place for them. The lodge in Dehradun is set amidst a beautiful set up of Oak trees with picturesque scenery of mountains behind. Ideal for the true appreciator of nature and its diversity.


Welcome to Birdwatching in India

Situated just below the British hill station of Mussoorie, the elegant house, with four rooms, is located on a three-acre estate, verdant with fruit orchards, many species of exotic and rare plants and trees. The landscaped gardens, spread across several levels, are a visual delight with their watercourses, lily pools and picturesque pathways. For an ideal holiday in Dehradun or a weekend trip to Dehradun, Walterre Resort in Dehradun is one of the best hotels and amongst the top 10 hotels in Dehradun. or a complete Dehradun trip package, including resort rooms, meals and activities, do get in touch with us and we will share the best deals and packages for you.

Walterre Boutique Resort


Bird Watching

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