Live Close to Dehradun and You Will Never Feel Lonely!

Reiterating a great author’s (Late Mr. Ruskin Bond) writing about nature “live close to nature and you will never feel lonely” for the vicinity of Dehradun. He wrote most of his stories at the same place, and no wonder, this place has a fascinating side that attracts true nature lovers. When the history of current Dehradun is written 1000 years later, then it will be mentioned as a great center for learning. Places like Doon International School are enticing youngsters into this tranquil valley since the last so many decades. Dehradun is now a proud host of Doon Business School as well. The center of learning has now become a center of retrospection for many. The current blog is an attempt to explore this new side of a hill station near Dehradun.

Refresh and Reenergize Yourself in the Garrison Town

Read the books of Ruskin Bond and you will find that mountains and the valley are talking to you; small springs are sharing pleasantries with you and birds are clamoring some welcome songs every time they are looking at you. Now, this is not a phony picture card of Dehradun; in the last decades, Dehradun has seen many repeat travelers. Read it out in the visitors’ diary of Walterre Resort and you will figure out what exactly is bringing them back to this town time and again. When we talk about tourism trends, then we can say that places like Goa and Puducherry were enjoying this type of repeat value in the past. Places near Dehradun are the latest entry in the list.

Verandah Life Has Its Own Charms with All Those Affordable Tariff Plans

Move just eight to ten kilometers away from the regular city of Dehradun and move into any resort where you can enjoy these Verandah afternoons and evenings. Search out for a birding diary and try to focus on the chirps of the birds around you. In the true spirit of great Author Ruskin Bond, we would like to recreate these amazing words as a tribute “Don’t drive those sparrows out of your verandah; they will not hack into your computers.”

Time Has Come When We Are Required to Welcome Sparrows in Our Verandahs

Time has come when evolved tourists are breaking the norms; they are changing the definition of the word “standardized services.” Even a skyscraper in Mumbai has a rooftop swimming pool, then why do you need to go to a hill station near Dehradun? The answer is quite simple; when you are in Dehradun, then birds and nature are going to accompany you.

Do Not Survey for Amenities Survey with the Faces and Their Experiences

People search for the best hotels in Dehradun; after reading a list of these hotels, next, they check out the tariffs. Once the accommodation is locked, then comes the turn of the places to visit in Dehradun. And after having a great adventure-filled time here, most of them extend their vacation in Dehradun for the places to visit near Dehradun and hill station near Dehradun.