It was still dark but my excitement for an adventurous tour to Uttarakhand was not allowing me to get a sound sleep so I finally got up and checked my phone. It was 5:00 in the morning. Suddenly, I remembered that I was asked to leave home by 5:30 A.M. cause the train would leave at 6:20 AM. It’s not that I only had to get ready I had not even packed my bag! I shook myself at first and then started packing, my effort of preparing a checklist was in vain cause I was picking up random things that were either crossing my sight or popping in my mind.

It was dot six when I left the apartment hoping for a last-minute miracle that could help me catch the train. When I made it to the station I saw my friends sitting on the platform.

It was 6:30 A.M. It seemed they had skipped the train for me and I was touched, but only for a moment. Apparently, it was the train which was late. It came around 7:00 and the trip began.

It was my first visit to Dehradun. What makes it one of a kind is that instead of staying in a stereotype hotel we were going to stay in a boutique bungalow known by the name ‘Walterre’. It took us 6 hrs train journey and forty-five-minute drive from station to reach the best boutique resort of Dehradun.

The entrance was blooming with beautiful flowers and trees paving their way down to the resort. As I entered in Walterre I felt as if I was taken back to the colonial era where a small area for the fireplace was quite common in almost every household. I believe the property belongs to an avid birdwatcher because of the books which only spoke about birds and the paintings on birds which were beautifully adorned on every wall of the resort. Even the rooms were named after bird species. However, there was a small library upstairs which coincidently matched my taste of books such as Didi, Lolita, The Fountainhead and many more. We rested for a while and then we took off to a small stream that was flowing down the cottage because this trip was all about adventure, and trekking we took an unusual path so as to get to the stream.

Away from the madness of crowd, the place is like a hidden creek that gives some alone time with mother nature. While sitting on the rock I dipped my legs in the clean waters feeling the fresh breeze brushing my face when I spotted a kingfisher. Without any delay, I grabbed my camera and took a nice shot. I was about to put down my camera when I saw another uncommonly beautiful bird coming to the stream and going back. It happened two-three times when one of my friends shouted look paradise flycatcher! It is its strikingly long white tail that makes it remarkably attractive and beautiful. We also spotted a blue colored bird which happens to be paradise flycatcher’s brother named as Verditer flycatcher. The reason why these birds are identified as flycatcher is that they only feed on flying insects. This interesting piece of information was given by the resort person who ushered us to this place. We went back to our resort where we had a wonderful time in the big veranda of the resort.

The view was awesome, I could see the entire Mussoorie shimmering in the dark. Next morning we had to pack our bags to uncover Chopta, another beautiful destination of Uttarakhand.

Although my stay at Walterre was short, it managed to reconnect me with nature, books, and simplicity of life which is lost in this digitalized world.