What is the accommodation like?

Perched on the outskirts of Dehradun, Walterre is a boutique bungalow that offers picturesque views of Doon Valley. The bungalow comprises of tastefully designed rooms, common dining area,  and a large open veranda giving wonderful spectacle of the flowery garden and verdant hills.

Do we get Room Service?

Yes, to make your stay hassle-free and comfortable, 24*7 room service will be available to you.

Do we get WiFi?

Yes, you can make use of the smooth wifi connectivity available at the Bungalow.

Are there amenities such as Swimming Pool, Hair Dryer, Laundry Service?

Being a boutique bungalow, you will not have the facility of Laundry Service and Swimming Pool, however, Hair Dryer will be at your disposal.

Is the place Pet Friendly?

Yes, Walterre is a pet-friendly accommodation and an ideal place for people who want to go for a holiday with their pets.

Is bottled water supplied in the rooms of the bungalow we stay in?

Although we don’t encourage the usage of the plastic bottle, however on demand we can arrange for bottled water which is attached with an extra cost.

What if we wish to upgrade the hotel or the room, how it'll work?

You can directly contact our sales office in Noida for room upgradation.

Is it a resort or a Homestay?

Walterre is a unique homestay perfectly suiting people who wish to spend quality time with friends and family in the lap of nature.

Can we arrange wedding function at Walterre?

Yes, a private wedding can be organized at Walterre.

Can we arrange conference at Walterre?

Yes, Walterre is an ideal destination for corporate outings, meetings and conferences.

Dining seating capacity?

Dining seating capacity is of minimum ten to twelve people.

Can we use kitchen for infant?

Yes, Walterre’s kitchen can be used for infants as well.


What sort of food do we get in Walterre?

At Walterre, you can fill your palate with scrumptious Indian cuisines. But if you want to try special Garhwali cuisine then our Chef will prepare it for you.

If we have dietary restrictions, what do we do? Can we ask for specific type of meals?

In case of dietary restrictions, please inform the lodge manager well in advance so that proper arrangements could be made. You can also request of any special food preference that you would like to have during your stay at the bungalow.

What about drinks and bottled water?

Although we don’t encourage the usage of the plastic bottle, however on demand we can arrange for bottled water which is attached with an extra cost.


Do we have a guide throughout?

We can arrange for a guide during your stay if we are intimated well in advance.

How knowledgeable is your guide?

Our guide has in-depth knowledge of the Doon Valley.

Will the guide be only for us or shared between others too?

During a private tour, the guide will be available for you exclusively.

Do we need to pay for his meals and stay?

No, everything is included in the guide charges.

What if his demeanor is not acceptable?

Kindly inform the sales office, we will look into the matter and ensure that such behaviour is not repeated.

Will he carry guide books, binoculars, scope etc?

Yes, he will be carrying a guide book, binoculars, and scope during the excursion.

Can we change or modify our plans locally with him?

Yes, you can change or modify the plan but you will have to inform the sales office as well.

Payment options

Is there a surcharge if we pay by credit card?

Yes, there is a surcharge of five percent for each credit card transaction.

Should we wish to upgrade the tour standard, how do we go about it?

You can contact the agents to upgrade the tour standard.

The cost for the extras is covered? If not, how do we pay?

You can pay the extra cost at Walterre

The cost for the extras is covered? If not, how do we pay?

You can contact your agent or pay directly at the lodge for the extras.

If we opt for triple or quadruple accommodation, is this possible? Will this bring the cost of the tour down.

Yes certainly we can arrange for triple or quadruple arrangement as per your requirement.

How does the cancellation policy work?

  • Less than 15 days before arrival date- No Refund
  • Less than 20 days before arrival date- 60% Refund
  • Less than 25 days before arrival date- 75% Refund

No Refund in case of road blocks, accidents, snow fall, no show etc. 50% of the total refundable amount (as per the above policy) will be released within 30 days of cancellation and the balance 50% will be adjusted into the future bookings.

What if there is a calamity in the family? How will the refund work?

We have a no-refund policy, but in the case of a calamity in the family we shall issue a credit note which will be valid for another three months.

Road Transport

Will the guide and driver speak English?

Yes our guide and driver can also communicate in English.

What about the train journeys and the safety?

Indian Railway have the reputation of being the safest railway network in the world. Dehradun Railway Station is the nearest station from Walterre.

Will the bus or the car have Seat Belts?

Yes the bus and car will have seat belts that will ensure the safety of the passengers.

How many people in a vehicle?

A small vehicle can carry upto five individuals whereas a large vehicle can carry up to 12 people.

On a private tour our vehicle will be independent or shared?

The vehicle is completely at your disposal during a private tour

What about his Hygiene, Route knowledge

The driver is well-attired and follows cleanliness rules. He possesses an in-depth route knowledge that will make your journey hassle-free.

Is bottled water supplied in the vehicles we travel in?

Although we don’t encourage plastic bottles to promote the cause of low carbon footprint, however on demand it will be arranged attached with an extra cost.


What about the train journeys and the safety?

Indian Railways has the reputation of being the world’s most secure transport and the journey will take you through the scenic villages of Dehradun.

What happens if the train gets delayed?

We will look for other alternatives such as booking another train or flight or continuing the journey by road


What happens if the flight gets cancelled?

You can look for alternative options such as booking another flight or continuing the journey via road.

What happens if the flight gets delayed?

You must wait in case the flight gets delayed